21 March 2015


Horezu is a town located in Vâlcea CountyRomania, about 43km from Râmnicu Vâlcea. The town administers six villages: Ifrimeşti, Râmeşti, Romanii de Jos, Romanii de Sus, Tănăseşti and Urşani.

The town is well known for its people who make pottery and present it at an annual fair (see Horezu ceramics). There are special traditions which have been well preserved. The town has about 7,000 inhabitants, most of them working in agriculture and services.

The current name comes from the name "ciuhurez" as an owl bird that inhabits the surrounding woods. Hurezi name originally belonged low current Roman towns on the river of the same name, which are documentary in the fifteenth century century. In the late eighteenth century figure of 100 inhabitants documentary Rumani in the village of Roman Down mentioned.



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